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Certification Guidelines – Website Requirement

Website Requirements

There are more than 2,000 special districts in California, including 76 healthcare districts, however less than half of those districts have a website. These statistics led the Little Hoover Commission, in its 2017 report on special districts, entitled Special Districts: Improving Oversight & Transparency, to recommend that the Legislature require every special district to have a website.

In response to requests from the State Legislature and the Little Hoover Commission, and in furtherance of ACHD’s efforts to increase the awareness, accessibility, and transparency of special districts, ACHD supported AB 1728 which requires all healthcare districts to have a website to increase the awareness, accessibility, and transparency of healthcare districts. ACHD believes there are key website components that promote transparency in addition to those mandated by AB 1728 and AB 2019.

To demonstrate best practices in website content, districts are required to provide the following (by submitting a link) on their website:

(For additional information regarding each website link requirement, please click the links below)

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