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Webinar On Demand

ACHD hosts an Educational Webinar on a regular basis, to help fulfill training that our Healthcare Districts and community partners need as well as to stay current on topics or to explore new ones that are beneficial to district communities.

Below are the links to register for previous webinars that ACHD has hosted. Please note these webinars are informational only and no certificates are provided. Due to the nature of some of these webinar recordings, there may be information that is out-of-date. You will receive a link to the recording once you register.

Remember, our Educational Webinars are completely free for members. Don’t forget to sign up for upcoming webinars! Being a part of the webinar, as it happens, is a great opportunity to get to speak directly to an expert in the field! Click here to see upcoming webinars.

Webinar On Demand: Current Economic Trends and their Effects on the Economy
Originally Recorded August 24, 2023

Webinar On Demand: Effective Decision-Making and Communications for Alignment, Consistency, and Accountability
Originally Recorded June 20, 2023

Webinar On Demand: 2023 Legislative Highlights Webinar
Originally Recorded May 18, 2023

Webinar On Demand: 2023 Legislative Highlights Webinar
Originally Recorded May 18, 2023

Webinar On Demand: Making your Community Heart Safe: How to bring a public access defibrillation program to your district
Originally Recorded March 14, 2023

Webinar On Demand: New Laws in 2023
Originally Recorded December 15, 2022

Webinar On Demand: Care Coordination and Social Determinants of Health
Originally Recorded November 30, 2022

Webinar On Demand: Optimizing your District's Financial Position
Originally Recorded October 25, 2022

Webinar On Demand: Surplus Land Act
Originally Recorded September 29, 2022

Webinar On Demand: Building an effective Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Strategy
Originally Recorded August 30, 2022

Webinar On Demand: Education Series Disaster Preparedness: Pre and Post Disaster
Originally Recorded June 28, 2022

Webinar On Demand: Education Series 2022 Legislative Highlights
Originally Recorded May 18, 2022

Webinar On Demand: ACHD Webinar Series: A Healthy Work Culture = A Healthy Community
Originally Recorded April 13, 2022

Webinar On Demand: Employee-Centric Tactics to Drive Well-Being and Retention
Originally Recorded March 30, 2022

Webinar On Demand: Utilizing Technology to Combat Misinformation
Originally Recorded January 27, 2022

Webinar On Demand: New Laws in 2022
Originally Recorded December 8, 2021

Regional Event On Demand: Own Your Role as a Leader of Change
Originally Recorded December 1, 2021

Webinar On Demand: Engagement and Outreach: Building Community Connections and Fostering Equitable Participation
Originally Recorded November 17, 2021

Webinar On Demand: Everything You Wanted to Know About District and Hospital Clinics: Strategies and Considerations
Originally Recorded June 30, 2021

Webinar On Demand: Including Social Responsibility in Your Investment Program
Originally Recorded May 13, 2021

Webinar On Demand: Understanding the Public Records Act: Best Practices for Responding to Requests
Originally Recorded May 4, 2021

Webinar On Demand: 2021 Legislative Highlights
Originally Recorded April 29, 2021

Webinar On Demand: Disaster Preparedness 101: Essential Elements of Disaster Planning
Originally Recorded March 4, 2021

Webinar On Demand: COVID-19 Vaccination Planning and Readiness
Originally Recorded February 17, 2021

Webinar On Demand: Addressing Workforce Needs through Growing Your Own
Originally Recorded January 26, 2021

Webinar On Demand: New Laws in 2021
Originally Recorded December 10, 2020

Webinar On Demand: Investing Operating Reserves: Is It Time To Get Your House In Order?
Originally Recorded November 19, 2020.

Webinar On Demand: How Sequoia Healthcare District Utilizes LocateMyDistrict™
Originally Recorded October 13, 2020

Webinar On Demand: Exploring Mindfulness: An Introduction to Brief Mindfulness Practices
Originally Recorded August 26, 2020

Webinar On Demand: Foundations for Success: Advancing ACHD Member Governance and Executive Leadership
Originally Recorded July 22, 2020

Webinar On Demand: Reopening During the Coronavirus Pandemic: How to Serve the Public and Avoid Liability
Originally Recorded June 11, 2020

Webinar On Demand: Leadership Strategies to Support Your COVID-19 Recovery and Beyond
Originally Recorded May 21, 2020

Webinar On Demand: Security in the World of Telehealth
Originally Recorded May 6, 2020

Webinar On Demand: The Future of the Legislature amid COVID-19
Originally Recorded April 29, 2020

Webinar On Demand: How Two Healthcare Districts Made Their Schools and Community a Heart Safe Place with the Via Heart Project
Originally Recorded February 25, 2020

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