Certified Healthcare Districts to Date

ACHD’s Certified Healthcare District Program promotes good governance for Healthcare Districts by creating a core set of accountability and transparency standards. This core set of ACHD standards is known as Best Practices in Governance and Districts that demonstrate compliance are designated by ACHD as a Certified Healthcare District.

ACHD's Certified Healthcare Districts

  • Alta Healthcare District (Re-Certified June 2021)
  • Beach Cities Health District (Re-Certified January 2019)
  • Del Puerto Health Care District (Certified May 2020)
  • Desert Healthcare District (Certified May 2020)
  • Eden Health District (Re-Certified June 2019)
  • Fallbrook Regional Health District (Re-Certified May 2020)
  • John C. Fremont Healthcare District (Re-Certified December 2019)
  • Mark Twain Health Care District (Re-Certified April 2019)
  • Mayers Memorial Hospital District (Re-Certified July 2020)
  • Morongo Basin Healthcare District (October 2019)
  • Northern Inyo Healthcare District (July 2018)
  • Peninsula Health Care District (Re-Certified April 2019)
  • Petaluma Health Care District (Re-Certified February 2019)
  • Pioneers Memorial Healthcare District (February 2017)
  • Sequoia Healthcare District (Re-Certified June 2019)
  • Tahoe Forest Health System (Re-Certified September 2019)
  • West Side Health Care District, Taft (February 2018)

Contact ACHD with questions at info@achd.org or (916) 266-5208.

 *Please note ACHD Healthcare District Certification does not ensure compliance with all state and federal laws.