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ACHD Governance Resources & Tool Kit

Governance Toolkit

The ACHD Governance Toolkit includes six recorded webinars and detailed electronic discussion guides to encourage and support healthcare districts to enhance their governance models and practices. The six topics addressed in depth through this toolkit are:

  1. Community Engagement
  2. Balancing Governance & Management
  3. Board Orientations
  4. Strategic Planning
  5. Board Self-Assessments
  6. Board Education Programming

Each of the programs consist of an approximately 15-minute video with a downloadable slide deck, and an in-depth discussion guide to stimulate healthy conversations between the CEO and the board about practical ways to collaborate more effectively and efficiently.

Your district will take away valuable information on each topic, such as why the topic is important, common issues or challenges that arise when addressing the issue, various ways to be more successful in the area, and more.

Register for Toolkit by emailing Michelle Rouse.

This toolkit is available as a free member resource to all ACHD members, and is available for $175 to all non-members.

You will then receive a confirmation page and emailed link to a folder containing the six electronic governance guides that can be downloaded.

To watch the associated webinar or to download the slide deck, simply click the corresponding link at the top of each governance guide.

For any questions about the governance toolkit, please email Michelle Rouse.

Governance Related Webinars

If you are interested in governance-related webinars that ACHD has hosted, please contact Michelle Rouse.

Governance Resources

AB 1234: Ethics training for local officials.

Encouraging a Culture of Innovation is designed to help Boards learn how to adapt to the ever-changing health care environment, analyze trends in healthcare, and explore new and creative ideas for addressing challenges.

Governance Authority Matrix Preview is designed to help Boards and Executive teams define and understand their relative responsibilities.

Practices for High-Performing Health System Boards discusses sensible behaviors needed among the members of health sector boards in US hospitals and health systems, and is designed to encourage leaders to master and apply behaviors that facilitate successful leadership.

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