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Certification Guidelines

What is Certification?

The Association of California Healthcare Districts (ACHD) is leading the way for healthcare districts to be leaders in transforming California’s evolving healthcare landscape. ACHD helps local districts meet the changing needs of local communities. To assist members in demonstrating exemplary compliance in meeting the health and governance needs of the public, ACHD has developed a set of standards referred to as “Best Practices in Governance.” Healthcare districts that demonstrate compliance with these practices can be designated as a "Certified Healthcare District". Please note that these do not ensure a district complies with all State and Federal regulations.

Requirements for Certification

The Healthcare District Certification Program is an ACHD-solely sponsored program that incorporates current legislative requirements with public governance best practices. Districts that seek certification must demonstrate compliance with all requirements of certification by submitting their documentation online. Certification must be renewed every three years.

Certification Submission Page

******ACHD has a simple online Submission Form to allow healthcare districts to upload all requirements. Districts can view example policies, links, and documents in the Example Certified Healthcare District Library.

Demonstrating Compliance

Districts seeking to demonstrate compliance with the Healthcare District Certification Program must provide evidence of meeting the certification standards, either through a PDF document or a weblink form and as directed below.

There are six sections below, and each section has a list of items that are needed to demonstrate compliance.

Please click on each section for more information about each section and the required documentation.


Website Requirements

Executive Compensation

State and Local Agency Reporting

Financial Reporting

Best Practices





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