ACHD Certified Healthcare Districts

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As Public Entities, Healthcare Districts have well defined obligations for conducting business in a manner that is open and transparent.  To assist ACHD Members in demonstrating compliance with these obligations, the ACHD Governance Committee has developed a core set of standards referred to as Best Practices in Governance.  Healthcare Districts that demonstrate compliance with these practices will receive the designation of ACHD Certified Healthcare District.



Antelope Valley Healthcare District
November, 2014

Beach Cities Health District
October, 2014

Eden Township Healthcare District
November, 2015

Fallbrook Healthcare District
November, 2016

Grossmont Healthcare District
May, 2016

John C. Fremont Healthcare District
March, 2015

Los Medanos Community Healthcare District
April, 2016

Marin Healthcare District
August, 2016

Mark Twain Healthcare District
April, 2016

Mayers Memorial Hospital District
March, 2017

Palomar Health District
August, 2014

Peninsula Health Care District
November, 2015

Petaluma Health District
May, 2015

Pioneers Memorial Healthcare District
February, 2017

Sequoia Healthcare District
August, 2014

Sonoma Valley Healthcare District
April, 2016

Tahoe Forest Health System
May, 2016

To request application materials to begin the Certification process please contact Sheila Johnston.