Ken Cohen- Chief Executive Officer  ♦  916.266.5277  ♦  Email

Ken Cohen joined ACHD in 2014. Ken is a results-oriented healthcare executive with diverse management experience in public, district and for-profit hospitals, and healthcare settings.

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Amber King- VP, Government Affairs  ♦  916.266.5207  ♦  Email

Amber King joined ACHD as a Legislative Advocate in 2006. She currently serves as the Vice President, Government Affairs, where she provides leadership for ACHD’s Advocacy Team, working with the State Legislature, key coalition partners, and internal and external stakeholders to advocate on behalf of Healthcare Districts.

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Sheila Johnston- VP, Member Relations & Administration  ♦  916.266.5208  ♦  Email

Sheila Johnston joined ACHD as a Legislative Advocate in 2012, and currently serves as Vice President, Member Relations and Administration for the Association. Her legislative background, coupled with effective skills in association management has enhanced relationships between the Association and its Members.

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Annie Hohn- Administrative Associate, Advocacy  ♦  916.266.5204  ♦  Email

Annie Hohn joined ACHD  in 2016. She currently serves under the Vice President, Government Affairs and the Advocacy Team, working with the State Legislature, legislative staff, committee staff, and key coalitions to analyze and recommend action on bills impacting ACHD members.

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