ACHD Certified Healthcare District Program

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The ACHD Certified Healthcare District Program promotes good governance for Healthcare Districts by creating a core set of accountability and transparency standards. This core set of ACHD standards is known as Best Practices in Governance and Districts that demonstrate compliance are designated by ACHD as a Certified Healthcare District for a period of three years.

The Certified Healthcare District Program is now available to all Healthcare Districts, including those that are not Members of ACHD.  Additionally, the Certification process is now a simple fillable and savable form on our website! ACHD’s Certification Submission Page is an easy form to complete with all required certification fields, and allows users to save their form and return at any time continue working on Certification.

Access to Important Information:

Certification Checklist

Certification Guide

Re-Certification Guide

Example Certified Healthcare District Library

Current Certified Healthcare Districts

To access a list of current Certified Healthcare Districts, click here.

Find the former Certification Portal HERE

Please note that this Portal will be discontinued on October 1, 2019.

Contact ACHD with questions at or (916) 266-5200.

 *Please note that ACHD Healthcare District Certification does not ensure compliance with all state and federal laws.