USDA Selects Ready, Set, Swim! Coachella Valley As California Success Story

Desert Healthcare District and Foundation (DHCD) and Desert Recreation District (DRD) are pleased to announce that the United States Department of Agriculture has selected Ready, Set, Swim! Coachella Valley as a featured Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Education (SNAP-Ed) “Success Story” on its website. The program is one of only four programs recognized from the state of California.

Ready, Set, Swim! Coachella Valley was selected for its impact among local youth providing both an active and educational experience focused on nutrition and obesity prevention.

As the USDA article explains, the Ready, Set, Swim! Coachella Valley program is aimed at third grade students throughout the Coachella Valley, and offers a fun and innovative way to combine physical activity, nutrition education, and water safety all in one. Coachella Valley is a great location to offer this interactive program due several factors including the abundance of pools and canals, and sizzling temperatures that often have families with children spending a lot of time in the water during the summer months. In addition to providing children with lifelong water safety skills, Ready, Set Swim! also teaches children about the importance of good nutrition and physical activity.

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