The Legislature is Back in Session

January 6, 2014 marked the first day of the 2014 session.  As this is the second year in a 2-year session, 2-year bills were gutted and amended on their first day back, and committee hearings have already begun.  It’s a “hit the ground running” January, not the “slow and go” start you would typically see at the beginning of a 2-year session.

Senator Darrell Steinberg announced new committee posts to replace Ron Calderon, who is under investigation by the FBI, and Bill Emmerson, who resigned to lead the California Hospital Association’s legislative efforts.

Speaker John Perez began Floor Session Monday morning with the swearing of three new Assemblymembers, Matthew Dababneh, Sebastian Ridley-Thomas, and Freddie Rodriguez, all from Southern California.

Governor Jerry Brown announced his budget plan yesterday, with the summary of the plan leaking to the press early the night before.  The Governor seeks to keep spending of excess funds to a minimum, while proposing to pay down school debt and increase the rainy day fund.

The upcoming year will move quickly, as the first deadline looms on January 31, in which, all 2-year bills must pass their house of origin.

February 21 marks the last day for new bills to be introduced for this session.

ACHD’s Advocacy Team is gearing up for the busy legislative session and preparing for this year’s Legislative Day on April 7-8.  Check your mail boxes and email inboxes for more information in the coming weeks.

For question, please contact our Advocacy Team.

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