The Legislature is Adjourned

Today marks the end of the first year of the 2013-14 Legislative Session.

Around the State Capitol, the last week of the legislative session is known as “End of Session.”  It’s one of the busiest times of the year for your ACHD Advocacy Team, as the End of Session includes daily floor sessions, last minute committee hearings, and continuous monitoring of amendments to bills.  As the legislature is required by law to complete their business by midnight on September 13th, legislators rushed to pass their bills.  ACHD’s Advocacy Team represents your interests to the fullest, and therefore takes an increased role in monitoring the legislative process during this especially crucial time.

This year, the legislature finished the legislative session just after midnight early this morning, one day before the constitutional deadline.  All bills that have cleared the legislative process will be sent to the Governor for consideration.  The Governor has until October 13th, to take action (sign or veto) on all bills passed at the End of Session.  During this time the Advocacy Team will shift legislative efforts to the Governor’s office, urging signature or veto of bills ACHD has taken ‘Active’ positions on.  You may monitor the Governor’s actions here.

Although we are sad to see this Legislative Season come to a close, the Advocacy Team has a busy interim schedule filled with conferences, Experience the Diversity Tours, planning the 2014 Legislative Day, and preparing for the 2014 Legislative Session.  We will continue to update the blog weekly, so stay tuned.

As always, please contact the Advocacy Team if you have any questions.

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