The Legislative Outreach Toolkit: A Guide to Engage Legislators

ToolkitAt ACHD’s 2013 Legislative Day, the Advocacy Team announced a new member benefit: The Legislative Outreach Toolkit.  The goal of this Toolkit is to help Districts establish a relationship with each of their local and legislative representatives.

The Toolkit provides Healthcare Districts with the necessary tools and templates to set up tours and meetings with legislators, staff, and local representatives.  Inviting legislators to see your District, and the services provided, first-hand is the best way to foster strong relationships with them.  ACHD’s Advocacy Team, and your District, will be able to utilize these relationships to effectively advocate for Healthcare Districts in the Capitol and at the local level.

The Legislative Toolkit is one of many exclusive member benefits that ACHD provides.  Please contact the ACHD Advocacy Team to receive a copy of the Toolkit at

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