Special Districts Tour: Rooted in Service, Grounded in Community

On October 21-22, ACHD partnered with the California Special Districts Association, the California Association of Public Cemeteries and the Association of California Water Agencies on a Special Districts Tour. The tour consisted of the following locations:

• East Bay Municipal Utilities District
• East Bay Regional Park District
• El Camino Healthcare District
• Suisun Fairfield Rockville Cemetery District

At each location, attendees learned the purpose, mission, and history of each District. Attendees were given a first-hand look at core services and infrastructure, and examined the governance structures that deliver focused local services to millions of Californians throughout the state.

The post-tour survey revealed that attendees gained an increased level of knowledge and understanding of Special Districts after attending the Tour.

ACHD is working hard to increase grassroots education and is looking forward to continuing these annual tours both independently and jointly with other Associations in future years.

The Special Districts Tour was modeled after ACHD’s “Experience the Diversity” Educational Opportunity Tour, which was implemented in 2012. During these tours, ACHD chooses three diverse Healthcare Districts in different geographical regions of the state to educate attendees on the unique nature of each District. ACHD’s final tour of this year will occur next week in Southern California.

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