Sequoia Healthcare District’s 70 Strong program aims to engage, help seniors

At 88, Surlene Grant is the kind of person the Sequoia Healthcare District and Peninsula Family Service are targeting with a new program to help seniors live more fulfilling lives.

Called 70 Strong, it connects the district’s 40,000 seniors with a directory website, phone line and network of social workers who can refer them to any of 300 partners providing free or low-cost local services aimed at improving the older adults’ physical and mental health.

Grant had a bit of a head start. Even before she lost her husband in 2014, the former high school attendance office worker was going to weekly yoga classes and Bible study. But when the classes at the nearby health club were canceled late last year, she was flummoxed. Where could she find another class?  Where should she look? Who could help her? Enter 70 Strong — a moniker that honors the Health Care District’s 70th anniversary and those district residents who are 70 and older.

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