Report: California Spends Least per Person on Diabetes Prevention

While more than 2.3 million adults in California have diabetes, the state spends the least amount of money per person in the country on prevention programs for the chronic disease, according to a report from the California State Auditor, Kaiser Health News reports.


In fiscal year 2012-2013, California spent three cents per resident on diabetes prevention efforts -- the least amount of any state, according to the report. In comparison, New York spent 42 cents per person.

The report noted that California only used federal grants, as no state funding for such programs is available.

Further, the report found declines in federal funding led the state in 2012 to close nine centers that worked to reduce gestational diabetes.

While the report acknowledged that California appropriately used its federal grants, it noted that the state Department of Public Health did not do enough to identify other opportunities to secure funding. For example, the report found two federal grants totaling $1 million for which the state was eligible but did not apply.


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