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ACHD has partnered with a large and diverse coalition including health care providers, community clinics and health centers, local governments, labor unions, business and taxpayer groups, community groups and others to defeat Proposition 46 on the November ballot. If passed, Prop. 46 will increase health care costs, jeopardize people’s ability to see their trusted health care providers, and threaten the privacy of personal prescription drug information.

Get The Facts

What will Prop. 46 do?

  • Quadruples the MICRA limit on medical malpractice awards in California, which will cost consumers and taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars every year in higher health care costs, and cause many doctors and other medical care professionals to quit their practice or move to places with lower medical malpractice insurance premiums – reducing access to care.
  • Threatens people’s privacy by requiring a massive expansion of the use of a personalprescription drug database.
  • Requires alcohol and drug testing of doctors, which was only added to this initiative to distract from the main purpose of changing MICRA.

For a non-partisan analysis of Prop. 46, please refer to the Legislative Analyst Office analysis here.

Who opposes Prop. 46?
Thousands of organizations and individuals representing doctors, nurses, community clinics, local governments, labor unions, business groups, education groups, taxpayer groups, hospitals, community groups and many others oppose Prop. 46 because it will lead to more lawsuits, higher health care costs, threaten people’s access to their trusted doctor or clinic, and jeopardize people’s personal prescription drug information.

Who supports Prop. 46?
One hundred percent of the reported contributions to pay for signature gathering to place this on the ballot in November 2014 came from trial lawyers and their allies.

Here’s How You Can Get Involved

Please join us and become an official member of the No on Prop. 46 campaign.

  • Pass a resolution formally opposing Prop 46.  Contact ACHD's Advocacy Team for a template resolution.
  • Add your name to the growing list of individuals and groups opposed to Prop. 46.
  • Get important facts,downloads and information that will help you spread the word about this costly measure
  • Contribute to the No on Prop. 46 campaign to help fight the trial lawyers.
  • Get pamphlets, buttons and posters that can help educate the public about the negative impacts of Prop. 46. These materials are perfect for your office lobbies or exam rooms.
  • Social Media

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Increased costs.  Losing your doctor.  Threatening your privacy.
Exactly what happens when trial lawyers play doctor.

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