Older Americans share their stories (Fallbrook Regional Health District)

The May 4 Woman of Wellness program was all about honoring and celebrating “Older Americans Month.” In talking about this year’s theme, “Age Out Loud,” Fallbrook Regional Health District board member Barbara Mroz said, “what it means to age has certainly changed” as seniors today “have not only survived but thrived.” Four local residents were chosen as presenters to share their inspirational stories, Richard “Dick” Bledsoe, Lucy Taylor, Jackie Heyneman and Roger Elyea.

Each of the four presenters was given a certificate of recognition from Supervisor Bill Horn in honor of their contributions to their community. Horn also sent a framed proclamation honoring Older Americans Month. It explained that the theme of “Age Out Loud” is “designed to give aging a new voice, one that reflects what today’s older adults have to say…” and commended the Fallbrook Regional Health District “for its outstanding service, leadership and commitment to the health and wellness of San Diego residents.”

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