Northern Inyo renews contract with Eastern Sierra Emergency Physicians

A collaborative approach to emergency care services at Northern Inyo Hospital ensures two more years of continued quality care by physicians familiar with the community.

The NIHD Board of Directors unanimously approved an agreement between Northern Inyo Hospital and Eastern Sierra Emergency Physicians (ESEP) during Wednesday’s regular NIHD board meeting.

Kevin S. Flanigan, MD MBA, NIHD’s Chief Executive Officer, told the directors that Drs. Jennie Walker and Helena Black, who operate ESEP, were “exceptionally collaborative in conversations” with him regarding the new agreement.

“To maintain stability, to ensure staffing physicians who the community is familiar with, I followed through with continued negotiations with the ESEP,” Dr. Flanigan said. “They were very gracious in their time allotment and their understanding even when it came down to the last couple of weeks and getting communications back and forth from legal counsel. We have come up with a contract that all parties are in agreement with.”

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