Youth advocates knock on doors for community safety (Fallbrook Regional Health District)

Teenagers in North County are teaming up with the San Diego Sheriff's Department and other community partners to make their neighborhood safer. Whether it's not enough street lighting or too much graffiti, they're knocking on doors to find out.

"We're moving place by place in the community to make sure we get everybody's opinions," said Debra Lorenzen, a community organizer specialist with the North Inland Community Prevention Program. Lorenzen is working with over a dozen teens who are part of the Fallbrook Youth Advocacy Coalition. The group works to reduce youth access to alcohol and other drugs in unincorporated areas served by the Fallbrook Regional Health District.

They're going door-to-door with a two-page survey created by the Center for Community Research organization. It asks residents what could be changed to make their neighborhood safer.

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