National Blood Donor Month

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January is a particularly difficult month for blood centers to collect donations because of holidays, travel schedules, and illness prevalence. As a result, January has been designated as National Blood Donor month to encourage more people to donate and prevent a dip in the blood inventory. Is your Healthcare District participating in blood donor month?

Click here for more information, as well as sample template documents you can use to raise awareness and encourage donor pledges.

The following are eligibility requirements if you are interested in donating blood:

  • healthy and feeling well
  • at least 17 years old
  • at least 5'1 and weigh at least 110lbs

In addition, here are some things you should before you donate blood:

  • get a good night's sleep
  • drink an extra 16oz of water or non-alcoholic fluid before the donation
  • eat a healthy meal beforehand
  • bring your donor card, driver license, or two other forms of identification

For more tips for during and after the donation, click here.


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