Media & Messaging Workshop Blog

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Over the past 18 months or so, ACHD – and our partner agency, Edelman – has traveled across the state to host Media & Messaging Workshops at interested member Districts. To date, workshops have been held at Eastern Plumas Healthcare District, Harris Ranch (attended by representatives of Coalinga Hospital District and Soledad Community Health Care District), Hi-Desert Memorial Healthcare District, Palomar Health, Petaluma Health Care District and Sequoia Healthcare District.

The trainings aim to help District representatives develop and refine media messaging points and practice effective media interview tactics. Perhaps more importantly, they also help ensure Districts are reaching the right audiences, with the right messages via the right channels. If requested, trainings have also addressed best practices for crisis communications.

No two sessions have been alike – as no two Districts are alike – but similar conversations organically emerged during most of the trainings. For example, attendees requested guidance for identifying and training the right spokespeople, getting Board approval and support for key PR initiatives, and updating a mission statement to better reflect a District’s goals and offerings.

Social media has taken center stage at the most recent sessions, as several Districts are exploring how best to engage their communities online. Some Districts are looking for guidance on how to get started while others are focused on expanding visibility (Facebook page “likes,” Twitter followers, etc.). Interest in social media has been so strong that ACHD included a social media session during its recent Annual Meeting.

If you’re interested in hosting a session, or cohosting with another local District, please contact Tom Petersen. We’d be happy to tailor the training to your District’s specific interests and needs, and encourage both staff and Board members to attend. Training dates are flexible – just let us know when you’re ready.

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