May 2014: Healthcare District Month

ACHD is pleased to announce that yesterday the California State Assembly voted to adopt ACR 110 (Fox) and declare May 2014 as Healthcare District Month.  ACR 110 recognizes the essential role Healthcare Districts play in the communities they serve throughout California.

The adoption of ACR 110 by the Assembly was a long-anticipated and critical step forward, as ACHD continually works to educate elected officials, and Californians overall, about the valuable resources and services Healthcare Districts provide across the state, especially in today’s rapidly evolving healthcare environment.  The Senate will also need to adopt the resolution before it is formally adopted by the California Legislature.

ACHD’s very own David McGee, CEO, and Dr. Don Parazo, MD, Board Chairman, were on the Assembly Floor when the resolution passed, while the Advocacy Team observed from the gallery.

As we are already well into May, we encourage everyone, especially the leadership teams at California Healthcare Districts, to commemorate and promote Healthcare District Month in your community. It can be as simple as sharing this news on Facebook or making a brief announcement during staff meetings, speaking engagements and board or city council meetings you attend throughout the month.

Below is a list of actionable ideas, but the possibilities are limitless and should be tailored to your community. We encourage you to share your plans on how your District will celebrate Healthcare District Month by contacting Samantha Kesner, ACHD’s Legislative Assistant, so we can update and share these ideas with your fellow members all month long.

Media Outreach/Social Media

  • Draft and distribute a press release to local media (contact ACHD if you would like a template)
  • Promote via Twitter, Facebook, your District blog or other online channels

Recognition & Grants

  • Establish a grant in recognition of Healthcare District advocates
  • Honor community members who understand the value of your District


  • Sponsor a health fair in May to celebrate Healthcare District Month
  • Hold a community open house
  • Host a coffee talk or evening reception with District leadership
  • Offer a free community tour of your District facilities

We could not be more pleased to have a month dedicated to honoring all the important work Healthcare Districts do each and every day! We look forward to seeing how your District chooses to celebrate this important milestone.

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