Grossmont Healthcare District Receives District Certification

(May 24, 2016) The Association of California Healthcare Districts (ACHD) is pleased to report Grossmont Healthcare District has achieved designation as a Certified Healthcare District.

As public agencies, California’s Healthcare Districts have well-defined legal obligations for conducting business in a transparent and responsible manner.  To be designated as a Certified Healthcare District, a District must demonstrate compliance with Best Practices in Governance as defined by ACHD.  Compliance areas include transparency, ethics, reporting, purchasing, conflict of interest, requesting public funds, and executive compensation.   These Best Practice criteria address the obligations that Healthcare Districts have with respect to conducting business in manner that is transparent to the public being served.

“We are very pleased and honored to receive this prestigious certification that affirms our current and ongoing practices and our commitment to the public to continually operate in an open and transparent manner, at the highest of standards,” said Robert “Bob” Ayres, 2016 Board President, Grossmont Healthcare District.  “East San Diego County residents can be assured that we are taking seriously our responsibility to adhere to sound business practices, integrity and openness and with the taxpayers’ best interests in mind, for the benefit of the East County regional communities we serve.”

California Healthcare Districts respond to the specialized health needs of California communities. Voters created 78 Healthcare Districts to fulfill health local care needs. Of these, 54 serve the state’s rural areas. Healthcare Districts provide access to essential health services and are directly accountable at the community level. As a result, tens of millions of Californians have been able to access care that would otherwise be out of reach.


Association of California Healthcare Districts

The Association of California Healthcare Districts (ACHD) represents Healthcare Districts throughout the state. The Association serves the diverse needs of California’s Healthcare Districts by enhancing public awareness, training and educating its members and advocating for legislation and regulatory policies that allow Healthcare Districts to deliver the best possible health services to Californians. Learn more at

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