Legislative FAQ

Where can I get information on commonly used legislative terms?

Click here for an extensive glossary of legislative terms.

What is the best method to schedule an appointment with my Legislator?

Most prefer an email.  Call the Legislator's office, ask for the scheduler and obtain their email address.  This is also the best method for follow-up.

How do I access current bills being tracked by the Association?

Click here to access the most current tracked bills.

How do I find my Legislator(s)?

Click here and enter your zip code.

I have a specific bill I want to discuss with one of the Association's Advocacy members. How do I know who to contact?

Click here and you will see the subject specific categories listed under each Advocate's name.

How should I prepare for a meeting with my Legislator?

Prepare a written summary of the issue, your concerns, and your recommended solutions.  It is also helpful to note any previous legislative efforts to address your issue.  Contact ACHD's Legislative Department with questions and assistance.

How do I research legislation that ACHD is not tracking?

Research current legislation here.

Where can I find more information about which Legislator represents my Healthcare District?

The A-List for the Assembly can be found here.

The A-LIst for the Senate can be found here.