Legislative Tools at your Fingertips

ACHD is pleased to provide you with the most up to date legislative information.  Located under Legislative Reports, you’ll find two reports that contain live information on each of ACHD’s bills of interest.

The Legislative Report is your guide to all bills that ACHD is advocating for on your behalf during the legislative session.  This report includes all bills the Legislative Team has a position of “Support, Support unless Amended, Oppose, Oppose unless Amended, or Neutral,” with a priority level.  Priority levels dictate the importance of each active bill, with “High” priority given the greatest attention.  You will also notice that each bill notates the current location of each bill, and the managing Advocate.

The Hot Watch Report provides a summary of all bills that ACHD is watching, but does not have an active position.  The Legislative Team will monitor these bills through the legislative session.

If you would like detailed information on any bill listed in the reports, for example, the full text of the bill, simply click on the bill number to be taken to the California Legislative Information page.  The Legislative Information page provides you with the text, history, committee analyses and status of each bill.

Please share these Legislative Tools with your District trustees and staff.   Contact the Legislative Team with questions.

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