Kathy Parry

Kathy Parry

Power UP: Energize Your Circuit and Serve with Joy

Caring for others is at the core of what California healthcare districts do each day. Between the COVID-19 pandemic, increased regulations, and workforce shortages, just to name a few challenges, how do professionals Power UP and stay energized in order to care for others at the highest level?

In this session, Kathy Parry walks participants through a circuit of power. First, participants will acknowledge and examine how organizational and personal energy have been drained over the last couple of years. After understanding how fatigue and burnout can set in, Kathy gives clear tactics to re-energize. Participants examine the batteries that power teams and how to increase that energy to meet goals.

Finding the right power source for your team is critical to Power UP. But with some re-wiring, Kathy will have you ready to flip on the switch for your own Power Up initiatives.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify where organizational, leadership and personal energy goes each day so that deficits in productivity can be found
  • Examine energy drains in your organization and the types of events and interactions that decrease retention, productivity and engagement
  • Charge up your team by identifying the five power sources that create an energized work environment and create a plan for your teams

Kathy holds degrees in Business and Food Management from Miami University, a Certification in Plant Based Nutrition from T.Colin Campbell Program at eCornell University and a coaching certification from WellCoaches. She holds the designation of professional speaker from the National Speakers Association and speaks at events nationwide. Ms. Parry has authored four books and lives in Pittsburgh, PA. where she enjoys a mild dark chocolate addiction and cooking for hungry friends.