Join Californians Allied for Patient Protection to preserve MICRA

The Association of California Healthcare Districts is a member of Californians Allied for Patient Protection (CAPP), the coalition created to protect access to health care and patient safety through California’s Medical Injury Compensation Reform Act (MICRA).  ACHD encourages your Healthcare District, as well as every other District in California, to join the CAPP coalition at no cost.

You will be in good company.  In addition to more than 30 healthcare districts that are already CAPP supporters, the coalition also includes: hospitals, physicians, nurses, dentists, community clinics, local governments, professional liability carriers and other healthcare providers.

ACHD joined CAPP because it understands that MICRA must be preserved as a critical component of California’s healthcare infrastructure.  It was enacted by overwhelming bipartisan support in response to a crisis of runaway liability costs.  For over 30 years, MICRA has been the national model to ensure that injured patients receive fair compensation, while keeping doctors and other healthcare providers in practice and helping clinics and hospitals remain open.

Below is a list of CAPP’s individual ACHD supporters.  A complete coalition list and additional information about CAPP and MICRA can be found at

Antelope Valley Health Care District, City of Alameda Health Care District, Coalinga Hospital District, Eastern Plumas Health Care District, Eden Township Health Care District, El Camino Hospital District, Hi-Desert Memorial Health Care District, John C. Fremont Health Care District, Kern Valley Health Care District, Last Frontier Health Care District, Lompoc Health Care District, Marin Health Care District, Mayers Memorial Hospital District, Mendocino Coast Health Care District, Mountain Communities Health Care District, Northern Inyo County Local Hospital District, Oak Valley Hospital District, Palo Verde Health Care District, Palomar Health, Petaluma Health Care District, Pioneers Memorial Health Care District, Plumas District Hospital, Salinas Valley Memorial Healthcare System, San Benito Health Care District, San Bernardino Mountain Community Hospital District, San Gorgonio Memorial Health Care District, Sierra View Local Hospital District, Sonoma Valley Health Care District, Southern Inyo Health Care District, Southern Mono Health Care District, Tahoe Forest Hospital District, Tehachapi Valley Health Care District and Washington Township Health Care District.

Please support CAPP and help defend MICRA by signing up today.  The coalition sign-up form can be returned via fax, e-mail, or regular mail.

Guest Blog post written by Victor Christy, Public Affairs Director, CAPP.   Email him directly with questions or for more information.

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