Health Unit Coordinator’s Day


The end of World War II brought on a multitude of changes to our country, including changes to the healthcare industry.  Hospitals found themselves caring for an influx of patients, straining physicians’ and nurses’ ability to efficiently care for them all.  Nurses stepped up to help physicians by taking on more duties and the need for clerical and administrative help became critical.  In order to maintain the focus of nurses on patient care, a new health profession emerged; the Health Unit Coordinators. Hospitals have continued to grow and Health Unit Coordinators have since become a staple in facility staff.

In California’s Healthcare Districts alone, hundreds of capable Health Unit Coordinators make a difference in the lives of all they touch.  Without their help, nurses would have to spend more time setting up charts for patients, ordering lab tests, x-rays, transcribing physician orders, doing payroll and scheduling, etc.  Instead nurses are able to focus on patient care and assisting physicians, giving physicians in turn, more time to focus on diagnostics and treatments.  Health Unit Coordinators help keep Healthcare District facilities running smoothly for the communities and residents they serve.

ACHD would like to take this opportunity to thank the Healthcare District Health Unit Coordinators for their hard work in keeping facilities organized and efficient.  Without Health Unit Coordinators' dedication to their work, patients would be unable to get the care they need in a timely manner. 

Please visit the National Association of Health Unit Coordinator’s, Inc. website for more information.

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