Guest Blog: Palomar & The Mayo Clinic

In December 2013, Palomar Health announced a new collaboration with the Mayo Clinic Care Network. The collaboration is the first in California, providing Palomar Health physicians with more tools to provide our patients with an additional layer of expertise and care.

Most of the partnership between Palomar Health and the Mayo Clinic is behind the scenes. Specialists at Palomar Health can connect with Mayo Clinic experts for eConsults at no cost to the patient. These physician-to-physician consultations offer additional input and/or second opinions on complex cases. Patients do not interact with the Mayo Clinic Care Network physician, but experience the benefit of his or her knowledge through interaction with their Palomar Health physician. Our physicians also have access to the exclusive AskMayoExpert. This medical resource connects providers with the expert clinical information and best practice research that the Mayo Clinic has accumulated over the years.

As healthcare continues to move away from isolated silos of care, our collaboration with the Mayo Clinic Care Network brings that nationally-renowned expertise to our patients and community. The arrangement is designed to help keep patients close to home while accessing the kind of care formerly available only through costly travel and referrals.

Patients have responded to the Mayo Clinic Care Network with enthusiasm, saying that the extra layer of expertise can be comforting especially when faced with a serious or complex diagnosis. Both patients and physicians alike have said that the consult from a Mayo physician provides peace of mind.

Prior to the collaboration, Mayo Clinic Care Network vetted Palomar Health fully – investigating our system’s quality, patient safety and standards of care. As president and CEO Michael Covert explained, “The Mayo’s process rivals that of the Joint Commission. They are serious about who they want to be associated with; this relationship is truly a testament to the care we provide at Palomar Health.”

Palomar Health continues to be committed to heal, comfort and promote health for the communities we serve and this relationship with the Mayo Clinic Care Network is an extension of that commitment.

For more information about the Mayo Clinic partnership with Palomar Health, contact Elly Garner


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