Get out the Vote!

June 3, 2014 is the day for California’s Primary Elections.  Polls will be open and voters will have the opportunity to embrace their democratic right to vote and narrow down the field of choices for the General Election in November.

Historically, voter turn-out in the primary election is low; however, as Healthcare Districts, you can help “Get out the Vote” by doing the following:

  • Talk to employees, friends and family about the importance of voting
  • Encourage “Get out the Vote” with a newsletter article, on your website, or in a company-wide email
  • Make a “Vote Today!” sign and place it in the main lobby of the District or other common areas on Election Day
  • Include a “Get out the Vote” reminder in outgoing communications prior to the June 3 election
  • Add “Get out the Vote” to your email signature
  • Coordinate carpools for local senior citizens, your neighborhood, or your community to assist elderly and disabled voters

Voting is an expression of commitment to our country.  Let’s do our part to make sure that we “Get out the Vote” on June 3, 2014!

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