Fallbrook Executive Director Bobbi Palmer Named in ‘Outstanding Women in Business’

FALLBROOK, Calif. (Sept. 26, 2017) ---- Executive Director Bobbi Palmer, MBA, MSW of the Fallbrook Regional Health District gushed to The Village News upon hearing of her ‘Outstanding Women in Business’ honor: “It probably sounds cliche; however, I enjoy serving.”

The fall 2017 issue of The Village News Lifestyle magazine puts Palmer in good company, featuring country music icon LeAnn Rimes on the cover. The magazine profiles female elected and business leaders from around North San Diego County making in a difference in the world.

Certainly, Palmer’s one such trailblazer. With two master’s degrees in social work and business, Palmer brings a lot of heart to her career. She started in clinical work helping children and families.

“Working with children and families is rewarding work,” Palmer said. “You never know when your influence and understanding might make all the difference later.”

A keen political mind, she also served in board positions with Association of California Healthcare Districts and California Special District Administration where she dug into the policy side of health.

Palmer served her most recent CEO tenure at the Los Medanos Community Healthcare District in the San Francisco area.

“By serving and by listening I’m able to connect with people and truly hear their concerns,” Palmer told The Village News.

Certainly, those skills came in handy in taking over the executive director position in early 2016 at a transitional time for the Fallbrook Regional Health District and its 57,000 residents. After more than 2.5 years searching for a buyer of the closed Fallbrook Hospital, Palmer set out to accomplish the task  - and by the summer of 2017, she did.

The district board voted unanimously to sell the closed facility to Crestwood Behavioral Health Inc. and open the Fallbrook Healing Center. During her tenure, she has also cut district costs, helped put another new ambulance in the community and increased no-cost services for the public by more than 35 percent.

“It has not lacked for excitement around here,” Palmer said. “We’ve done a whole lot and we’re going to a whole lot more. Tackle fall prevention and aging in place, plant our first community garden and expand services for our health disparities. Our team may be small, but it is mighty and we have big plans for the Fallbrook Regional Health District. ”

Catch Palmer’s ‘Outstanding Women in Business’ profile here: https://issuu.com/villagenewsinc/docs/fall2017lifestyle

The voter-approved special district collects roughly $1.6 million annually to cover health care provider shortages, uninsured Californians, patients with low or fixed incomes, and underserved populations. Since 2000, the district community health contracts have support about 300 health programs offering no-cost services for the North San Diego County unincorporated communities of Bonsall, Del Luz, Fallbrook and Rainbow. In the last five years, the District granted more than $3.5 million in health services benefiting the public.

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ABOUT Fallbrook Regional Health District

Fallbrook Regional Health District is a special district covering affordable community health needs for the low- and fixed-income residents of Bonsall, De Luz, Fallbrook and Rainbow. The roughly $1.6 million collected in voter-approved taxes supports more than $850,000 annually in full spectrum community health services addressing top health disparities, including behavioral health, cancer, diabetes, heart disease and stroke. Learn more about community health services provided by the district at www.fallbrookhealth.org.


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