Fallbrook Healthcare District enters into Joint Powers Agreement with Tri-City Healthcare District

Fallbrook Healthcare District (FHD) made a strategic move and forged a Joint Powers Authority (JPA) with Tri City Healthcare District (TCHD) on June 27 in a special Closed Session meeting.

"We feel this partnership will work well for the community, since people have had to go in so many different directions to get their advanced healthcare," said Stephen Abbott, board member of FHD.

According to FHD administrator Vi Dupre and TCHD CEO Larry Anderson, the JPA is designed to enhance the level of medical and healthcare services provided to Fallbrook area residents.

Both Abbott and Dupre explained that a great deal of consideration went into creating a JPA with another hospital. The primary focus, they said, was to select a hospital that would be the best fit to expand services for Fallbrook patients.

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