Did You Know?…10 Facts About ACHD and Healthcare Districts

As you may know, Healthcare Districts originated in 1945, under the Local Hospital District Law. During that time California was experiencing a shortage of acute care hospitals and access to health care was not available to a significant portion of the population living in rural regions. Here are some other interesting facts about Healthcare Districts and ACHD that are not quite as well known.

  • Some Healthcare Districts got their original funding through a federal program called the Hill-Burton Act to make hospitals available in rural areas. A few years later that Act was expanded to include urban areas as well. This act was also instrumental in funding the creation of ACHD.
  • Recognizing a need for unity, advocacy, and education, Healthcare District trustees organized and formed what is now known as the Association of Healthcare Districts (ACHD) in 1951.
  • In 1994, as a result of SB 1169, Hospital Districts were renamed “Healthcare Districts,” reflecting that healthcare was increasingly being provided outside of the hospital setting.
  • Lompoc Valley Medical Center was the first operating healthcare organization established in California and was created in 1946 by the Santa Barbara County Board of Supervisors.
  • Sequoia Hospital District in Redwood City was the first Hospital District, founded in 1946.
  • Big Bear Valley Healthcare District was conceived in 1949, after founder J.B. Quale broke his hip skiing and was taken down the mountain in a two-hour ambulance ride.
  • One of the newest Healthcare Districts is the City of Alameda Health Care District, approved by voters in 2002 to ensure the continuation of the Alameda Hospital.
  • John C. Fremont Healthcare District is the only provider of 24 hour emergency, acute, and skilled nursing care in Mariposa County.
  • Dr. Mayers , founder of Mayers Memorial Hopsital (District), came to the area in 1938 with a dream to provide hospital services for his patients living in the Fall River Mills area. Members of the community supported Dr. Mayers and began to raise funds to help build his dream. A month after Dr. Mayers began his hospital campaign; he and Mrs. Mayers were tragically killed in an automobile accident. Community members refused to give up on the dream and continued to pursue funds to make the hospital a reality.
  • Last Frontier Healthcare District is the newest Healthcare District. Formed in 2010, this District operates Modoc Medical Center in Alturas, CA.

For more information on Healthcare Districts, please visit ACHD.org or contact the advocacy team.

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