COVID-19 Modeling Tool for Healthcare Districts

ACHD had an excel based tool created to assist Members in tracking data and infectious disease modeling.

Please access this tool here.

Note, this document is updated every business day to reflect the new numbers. If you would like to access the newest version, please download the newest version of this tool as needed.

ACHD will be updating this document with case numbers from the United States, New York, New Jersey, and California, and you will have the option to update it with your community’s infectious case numbers to keep track of how your District's growth rates compare to these hot spots. If you prefer not to download the document daily and want to to update the numbers on your own, you may do so. An instructional video and a summary are listed below; please review this to ensure you are filling out your data and copying formulas correctly.

The data sources are gathered from worldmeters. You may also use data the California Department of Public Health data for county specific data.


Watch Instructional Video on Modeling Tool Here

The data in yellow needs will be updated daily from figures on worldometers. The fields in blue are the formulated numbers. Formulas will need to be copied from the previous day in order to get correct numbers and updated graphs.

The white cells are data specific to your District, and will need to be updated based on your community numbers.

The charts at the bottom will update automatically once data is correctly inputted/formulated and will show your progress over time.

The tool is available for download daily here. Please contact us with questions.