California Raced To ‘Set the Pace’ on Obamacare Implementation. Did it Pay Off?

Back in 2010 -- before two elections, before the Supreme Court ruled, before the word "crisis" stopped following the words "California budget" -- Kim Belshé settled on a guiding principle: "2014 is tomorrow."

And now, it almost is.

The Affordable Care Act's individual mandate takes effect in less than 100 days. The nation's health insurance exchanges go live next week.

And for nearly a year, Belshé -- secretary of the Health and Human Services Agency under former Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger -- was at the center of California's efforts to begin implementing those Obamacare provisions and many others.

"Road to Reform" spoke with Belshé and nearly a dozen other ex-officials and experts about whether California's quest to lead the nation on ACA implementation actually paid off -- and what it brought the state.

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