Beach Cities Healthcare District helps clear the path for the improved health of three SoCal beach cities

You could always have ordered a salad at Eat at Joe's, just in from the Pacific in Redondo Beach. But orders were more likely to be the John Wayne Special, with eggs, cheese, home fries and sausage.

Then owner Alex Jordan grouped the more healthful items (the soups, salads, a no-bun burger, oatmeal) with some new healthful dishes and listed them on a center page of the menu that he titled "Healthier Menu."

It made a big difference — 25% of the orders come from that page, and one of his top sellers is the Gobbler Scramble, with brown rice or sweet potatoes, Jordan says. "It's a win-win. This is really helping my business."

Eat at Joe's is just one of more than 90 restaurants that have added or highlighted healthful choices as part of an effort in Hermosa, Manhattan and Redondo beaches to improve everyone's health by changing the environment and making it easier to make healthful choices.

The effort to improve residents' health has been spearheaded by the Beach Cities Health District, a public agency that focuses on prevention and had partnered with Healthways, a company based in Franklin, Tenn., that focuses on workplace health. For five years the district has been working to make the communities a Blue Zone: a place where people are exceptionally healthy and live exceptionally long lives.

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