Assembly passes SB 277, California’s Vaccine Bill

The Assembly considered SB 277 (Pan) on the Floor this morning. Led by Assembly Member Lorena Gonzalez, a co-author of the bill, a bipartisan group of supporters discussed the merits of eliminating most personal belief exemptions for vaccinations. While supporters and opponents spoke passionately about their views of the measure, there were a few surprises, including the bipartisan nature of the opposition. Assembly Member Mike Gatto challenged the constitutionality of the proposed law, Assembly Member Cheryl Brown indicated her view that the state should do more to educate parents about the benefits of vaccination, and Assembly Member Ken Cooley shared his conversations with parents who were concerned about vaccinating their children.

The final vote on the bill was 46-30, with 2 Republican aye votes (Baker, Kim), 5 Democrat no votes (Brown, Burke, Cooley, Gatto, Lopez), and 3 Democrat abstentions (Chu, Perea, Williams). The measure now goes back to the Senate for concurrence. Senator Pan has indicated that he would like to see the bill taken up on the Senate Floor as early as next Monday, June 29.

Read the Sacramento Bee article on the bill here.

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