Antelope Valley Hospital Recognized for Best Practices in Governance by the Association of California Healthcare Districts


Pictured above from left to right: Tom Peterson (ACHD), Don Parazo (Treasurer), Dennis Knox (CEO), Doddanna Krishna (Secretary), Mukund Shah (Chair), Abdallah Farrukh (First Vice Chair). Unpictured: Berna Mayer (Second Vice Chair)

The Association of California Healthcare Districts (ACHD) presented the prestigious designation of Certified Healthcare District to the Antelope Valley Healthcare District (AVHD) at its board meeting last week.

To be designated as a Certified Healthcare District, the district must demonstrate, among other things, compliance with best practices in governance, as defined by the ACHD. These best practice criteria address the obligations that healthcare districts have in conducting business transparently to the public being served.

In presenting the certificate, ACHD Executive Director Tom Petersen commended the Antelope Valley Healthcare District for its “demonstrated commitment to best practices in governance for a public entity.” He noted that Antelope Valley Hospital is an example of an “exceptional governance model” as not many hospitals in California operate in such a transparent manner.

Dr. Don Parazo, Antelope Valley Healthcare District board member, extended his appreciation to the ACHD for their support and recognition of the efforts of Antelope Valley Hospital. “We are honored to be one of the first healthcare districts in California to attain this distinction,” he said. “Our board is committed to transparency and doing the right thing for our shareholders, which is the community we serve.”


Read more here Antelope Valley Press Release.

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