ACHD’s Board approves strategic plan for Transparency, Accountability, and Public Engagement

Association of California Healthcare Districts Puts Focus on
Transparency, Accountability, and Public Engagement

Sacramento, CA – The Association of California Healthcare Districts (ACHD) announced actions taken by the organization’s Board of Directors in San Diego October 5-6, 2016.

With Legislators and the Little Hoover Commission reviewing the role of Healthcare Districts in California’s complex health care delivery system, ACHD developed a Working Group to consider the strategies and tools Healthcare Districts need to educate stakeholders about their unique, local mandate and to stand out as health care leaders in a post-Affordable Care Act environment.  With those goals in mind, the ACHD board approved a multi-point plan developed by the Working Group which includes:

  • Update the Healthcare District law to reflect the crucial role of Districts in a healthcare environment focused on health and wellness.
  • Demonstrate local services are aligned with community needs.
  • Work collaboratively with Local Agency Formation Commissions (LAFCOs) to perform their duties to review the operations of Healthcare Districts at least every 5 years.
  • Enhance ACHD’s existing Certified District program to ensure full transparency and good governance practices are met, and increasing educational opportunities for District staff and trustees.
  • Educate policymakers and other stakeholders about the role of Districts as an integral part of the greater healthcare system.

ACHD staff is moving forward to implement the plan as directed by the Board.

“Communities across California have formed Healthcare Districts to deliver quality health care services from prevention and wellness, to hospitals and ambulance services, to long-term care, based on local needs” said Ken Cohen, Executive Director of ACHD.  “ACHD is proud to support Districts in meeting the challenges ahead in delivering care to a growing, diverse population and contributing to California’s success in implementing the Affordable Care Act.”

Cohen continued, “In the year ahead, we’ll be working with our Members, elected leaders, and communities to strengthen Healthcare Districts’ transparency, accountability and public engagement.”

California Healthcare Districts respond to the specialized health needs of California communities. Voters created 79 Healthcare Districts to fulfill local health care needs.  Of these, 54 serve the state’s rural areas. Healthcare Districts provide access to essential health services and are directly accountable at the community level.  As a result, tens of millions of Californians have been able to access care that would otherwise be out of reach.

Please contact Amber King, ACHD's Senior Legislative Advocate, with any questions at

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The Association of California Healthcare Districts (ACHD) represents Healthcare Districts throughout the state. The Association serves the diverse needs of California’s Healthcare Districts by enhancing public awareness, training and educating its members and advocating for legislation and regulatory policies that allow Healthcare Districts to deliver the best possible health services to Californians. Learn more at


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