ACHD & ALPHA Fund’s Company Values

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What makes a company special, stand-out, unique, successful?   People.  People define a company.  People’s behaviors and attitudes impact an organization’s success.

At ACHD and ALPHA Fund, we understand the importance of people, team, talent and the impact they have on success.

To help our team members achieve success the company as a whole developed our values; clear, sustainable and unique, with the intent to unify our company culture.  While we acknowledge technical competencies are critical, we place great importance on personal attributes which will help us make good decisions and stay focused on our mission.

Over the course of 9 months, during company meetings, team meetings and email requests, we identified the characteristics we wanted to demonstrate to ourselves, our coworkers and our customers.  We tried to answer the following questions; What do we do well?  What do we want to keep doing?  What do we want to do more of?  What do we need to do less of?  The ultimate question we had to answer was, What values will lead us to success?  Once the values were identified we defined how we were going to demonstrate those values in our behavior.

Our company values and insignia illustrate our strong belief in people.  Each employee has on their desk a visual reminder of our 5 company values, which are 5 people (squeeze toys) linking arms with a company value engraved on each of their front sides.  Our company values spell the word TRAIT.

We are proud of our team’s commitment to our TRAIT and willingness to strive each day to implement these values in our daily actions.  When values are clear, decision are easy.

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Teamwork: We will collaborate through meaningful interactions with each other, Participants, Members and other partners to deliver the best outcomes and the highest quality service possible.


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Respect:  We will create an atmosphere of mutual respect through cooperation, courtesy, and civility benefitting all employees, Participants, Members and other partners.


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Accountability: We will be accountable for our actions and results which will be accomplished by honoring our obligations, expectations, and commitments to produce quality work.


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Integrity: We will follow ethical and moral principles which are incorruptible, whole, and unimpaired in all our activities without exception.


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Total Communication: We will communicate both internally and externally in an open, direct, honest, and professional manner


Please contact Antoinette Joy, Human Resources Director at ACHD & ALPHA Fund with questions.

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