ACHD and ALPHA Fund’s Commitment to Wellness

Throughout 2014, ACHD and ALPHA Fund have been committed to the health and wellness of our employees.  The Wellness Team, consisting of Diana Watts and Sheila Johnston, created a plan for the year to inspire, motivate and highlight the wellness accomplishments of the ACHD and ALPHA Fund staff.

In addition to coming up with monthly topics and wellness challenges, the Team also sends out articles on the monthly topic, creates a challenge, features an employee that has made a commitment to wellness, and includes wellness achievements of employees from the previous month.

Some examples from the year were:

Month Topic Challenge
March Water Consumption Track your water
May Walking Walk those miles!
July Superfoods Log your superfoods
August Why Exercise? Exercise motivation
November Be Thankful Complete a Random Act of Kindness


Recently, the Wellness Team created a 12-week challenge, called Footsteps to Success.  Each week, participants committed to meeting a weekly benchmark of hours exercised, miles walked, or miles biked.  At the end of the 12-weeks, those that walked or biked miles, logged enough miles to reach a Healthcare District or ALPHA Fund Participant!  The goal was to theoretically reach a Healthcare District or ALPHA Fund Participant if walking or cycling, and all of our participants in those categories did!  Those that walked, reached El Camino Healthcare District, and those that cycled, travelled to Southern Inyo Hospital District.  In fact, many of our participants exceeded the mileage required to arrive at their destination.  The participants that tracked their exercise hours as they participate in a multitude of sports, met a minimum of 9 exercise hours per week.

The program was a great success.  In twelve weeks, our participants:

Walked 1,111.61 miles

Biked 1,2948.48 miles

Exercised for 329.90 hours

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ACHD and ALPHA Fund knows the commitment that our Healthcare Districts and Participants have to their communities, staff, and patients.  As such, ACHD and ALPHA Fund are also committed to the health and wellness of the employees that serve our members.

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Please contact Diana Watts or Sheila Johnston with any questions.

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