ACHD & ALPHA Fund are Committed to Wellness

Wellness blog pictureIn January of this year, ACHD & ALPHA Fund launched “Simple Steps to Wellness,” a program aimed to educate and promote wellness practices in the workplace and at home.

Sheila Johnston, Legislative Advocate for ACHD, and Diana Watts, Administrative Assistant for ALPHA Fund, make up the Wellness Team.  The Wellness Team promotes health and wellness weekly and monthly, sending out tips and information, and creating a challenge aligned with each monthly theme.  We also hold bi-annual potlucks.  In February, at our Heart Healthy Potluck Cris Korvink Santa Croce, owner of Kaia Fit, Natomas, spoke to the attendees about how to be healthy during the workday.  Cris provided health tips, such as, drinking water, doing stretches, and discussed examples of healthy snacks in order to achieve individual health goals.

Past wellness themes and challenges have included:

  • Commit to Fitness:  Create or maintain a fitness and health routine for the month
  • Focus on Water: Drink 8, 8 ounce cups of water daily
  • An apple a Day: Eat one apple a day
  • Walk Daily: Complete a 20-30 minute walk, daily

In addition to sending monthly tips and information, the Wellness Team profiles an employee that has embraced health and wellness in their lives each month.  Past profiles have included Jaime Goff, who is training for a century bike ride, Cheryl Wilson-Brown, who started making healthier choices on a daily basis, Virgie Beleau, who challenged herself to form a gym routine complete with exercise classes, and Samantha Kesner (formerly Cervantes) who used her wedding to get in the best shape possible.  The Wellness Team has found that profiling employees committed to health and fitness creates positive change within the organization, through motivation and inspiration.

ACHD and ALPHA Fund is very pleased with the success of the Wellness Program and look forward to promoting the health and wellness of all employees moving forward.

For more information, please contact Sheila Johnston or Diana Watts.

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