ACA Legislation Moves Forward

Floor votes in the Assembly and Senate yesterday approved the first bills of the special session on health care. The bills would eliminate pre-existing conditions as a means for denying health insurance coverage. They also would establish new geographic rating regions to help determine variable rates by area in California, one provision in the bills that recently has become contentious.

The Assembly passed ABX1-2 by Assembly member Richard Pan (D-Sacramento) on a 53-25 vote. The Senate passed its version of the bill, SBX1-2 by Ed Hernandez (D-West Covina), where the vote was 26-10-1.

Most of the objections raised yesterday on the Senate and Assembly floors to the two bills came from Republicans who oppose the Affordable Care Act. No one raised objections to the number of geographic rating regions, but that's one detail in both bills that's still wide open to change.

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