66th Annual Meeting Presentations

Speaker Presentations




Making Healthcare Personal
Dr. Krupali Tejura, Assistant Clinical Professor, Radiation and Oncology, City of Hope

Raising Health
Mary Pitman, CEO, Public Health Institute

Lyfting Healthcare
Gyre Renwick, Vice President, Lyft Business

Managing the Media
Sarah Jimenez, Senior Strategist, Paschal Roth Public Affairs

Best Practices in Practice
Ouchless ER, Michele Tracy, Director of Emergency and Trauma Services, Marin General Hospital
Sober Circle, Ramona Faith, CEO, Petaluma Healthcare District
Children's Crisis Center, Randy Smart, MD, Mark Twain Healthcare District

State of the Association
Ken Cohen, CEO, ACHD
Amber King, VP, Government Affairs
Sheila Johnston, VP, Member Relations & Administration

From the Board Room to the Community: The Ripple Effects of Positive Pyschology
Patty Sue de Vries, Director, LeadWell, Stanford Health Improvement Network

The Importance of Children's Wellbeing
Dr. Mona Patel, Children's Hospital of Los Angeles

Mental Health Landscape in California
Sheree Lowe, VP, Behavorial Health, California Hospital Association

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