23 Measles Cases Confirmed; Calif. Lawmakers Plan Vaccine Bill

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On  Monday, the California Department of Public Health confirmed 107 measles cases in the state, at least 39 of which can be linked directly to an outbreak that began at Disneyland in December 2014, the Los Angeles Times' "L.A. Now" reports.

Health officials have confirmed a total of at least 123 measles cases in several states and Mexico.

About 60% of the confirmed cases in California are among individuals who are at least 20 years old, while nine patients are infants under 12 months old.

According to "L.A. Now," 11 California counties now have confirmed measles cases, with the most reported in:

  • Orange County, with 34 cases;
  • Los Angeles County, with 26 cases; and
  • San Diego County, with 13 cases (Xia, "L.A. Now," Los Angeles Times, 2/9).


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