2014 General Election: Results

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On Tuesday, November 4, the citizens of this country were called upon to participate in democracy.  Although voter turnout was at a historic low of 29%, not counting absentee ballots, California voters still sent strong messages to the Legislature regarding proposed policy changes.

In addition to voting for local, state and congressional representation, Californians also had the opportunity to vote on state propositions.  The results were as follows:




Proposition 1 Funding Water Quality, Supply, Treatment, Storage Passed with 66.8% of the vote
Proposition 2 State Budget Stabilization Account Passed with 68.7% of the vote
Proposition 45 Healthcare Insurance Rate Change Failed by 59.8%
Proposition 46 Doctor Drug Testing, Medical Negligence Failed by 67.1%
Proposition 47 Criminal Sentences, Misdemeanor Penalties Passed with 58.5% of the vote
Proposition 48 Indian Gaming Compacts Referendum Failed by 60.9%


ACHD actively opposed both Proposition 45 and Proposition 46 and are pleased with the outcomes of these propositions. In fact, Proposition 46 failed in all 58 counties of California.

For a breakdown of all local, state and congressional races, visit the Secretary of State’s election results page here.  For Healthcare District Board election results, visit the county web page where the Healthcare District is located.

Please contact the Advocacy Team with any questions.

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