Board of Directors Vacancies Announcement

The ACHD Board of Directors is presently seeking nominations from Member Healthcare Districts from an individual Trustee or CEO to immediately fill several vacant Director positions on the Board.

An individual Member may apply to serve as a Director on the ACHD Board by submitting a nomination of that person to the Governance Committee together with the candidate's resume or statement of qualifications. The Governance Committee shall recommend its choices for candidates to serve on the Board to the full Board.

A candidate who is selected by the Governance Committee shall be eligible for appointment as a Director and refer their recommendations to the Board.  The Board will appoint Director(s) to fill Director positions by a majority vote of the the Board.

Please note however, that no Member may be represented on the Board by more than one (1) voting Director at the same time.

Individual Directors serve three (3) year terms and their appointment becomes effective upon approval by the Board.

If you are interested in being considered as a Director on the ACHD Board, please submit your resume and/or statement of qualifications to  

Click here to access the Statement of Qualifications.